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Price: $95.00

* New with ON /OFF pull chain switch
*15.5" Dia X 4" Deep Neon Clock with Plastic chrome housing case.
*Adapter plugs into any standard 110 volt outlet ( includes UL listed adapter )
*Clock has smooth movement & requires a single AA battery ( not included )
*Clock face Dia. is 12" ( clock face is sold separately but will be install for free)
* When purchasing please include the item number requested in the clock in the notes box.
*Clock dimension 15.5" dia x 4" deep
*Please follow the next two steps for custom clocks
1.-Image needs to be sent to
2.- Image should be in a JPEG file not smaller than 3MB or larger than 12MB, lower quality can be used but results will be less brilliant. Also old photographs can be mailed to us for scanning results will vary!

style choices:

Blue Neon
Blue Neon
Yellow Neon
Yellow Neon