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GMN-1 Nova SS Sign | Nova
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GMN-1 Nova SS Sign

Price: $35.00

A 8"x18" steel sign, with a polyester coating, and made through a dye sublimation process. This sign features the Nova SS logo.

Customizable Garage Signs!
We now can make customizable garage signs with your name on them! Just go to the custom sign area and pick out your favorite logo!
You've picked out your favorite sign, but it just seems to be missing something. We can now add our simulated rust effect to almost any sign. It will be added as an option to the signs that are capable or you can call and make a request and we can let you know if it is possible with that sign.
Mugs Now Available!
Mugs are now available in various styles. Mugs can be made in any design, we are working on adding the option to virtually every sign we offer. If yours is not currently available please contact us and we will make it a priority!
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